How to get into Eton College

July 28, 2016 by Aliya Mrochuk
Image A stress-free guide to registrations, admissions and examinations to get into Eton College at 13+ and Sixth Form.

How to Get into Eton College

Type: Independent boarding school for boys, ages 13 - 18

£12,354, per term
Registration fee: £340

For additional fees and optional services (such as acceptance, absentee and withdrawal fees, and Scholars’ fee remissions), please see Eton’s “Current Fees.”

Current Head: Simon Henderson

About Eton College
Eton College was founded in 1440 by King Henry VI, and educated 70 disadvantaged boys in its first year. Today, Eton welcomes around 1,300 pupils to its Berkshire site each year. The school’s goals focus on “providing a broadly-based education designed to enable all boys to discover their strengths, and to make the most of their talents within Eton and beyond.”
get into Eton College

Why is it so popular?
Each year for the past thirty years, Eton has seen 60-100 of its graduates accept offers from both Oxford and Cambridge University. Even more impressively, the school has given rise to 19 UK Prime Ministers, as well as a number of musicians, scientists and philanthropists.

In an interview with the Telegraph in 2015, the current Head, Simon Henderson, said that he envisions an Eton that continues to expect academic excellence from all its pupils, but that also recognizes that “[y]oung people learn as much, if not more, from each other as from their teachers and as much, if not more, outside the classroom as within it."   

How do I know if Eton College is right for me?
First of all, have a look through the Eton website . Another useful source is the “New Boy Guide” complied for your use, which includes information on boarding, work, games, how to make your way around the school, and the average pupil’s day. For specific questions or to contact the current Head, you may also refer to Eton’s contact guide.    

Admissions Policy

13 plus

For entry in 2020 your child must be registered before the end of year 5 (June 30th)

To register, you must request a registration form from the school, which you then may complete and return with the associated fee .

Your son will then complete a two stage assessment. 

The first stage involves online pre-tests (The independent Schools Examination Board Common Pre-Tests) and a report from your child's head teacher outlining your child's academic strengths, interests and personality.

The test is comprised of an interview between your son and one of Eton’s masters, a computerised reasoning test, and an assessed group activity.

16 plus

Although the vast majority of boys enter Eton at 13+, a limited number of placements are offered to boys entering at Sixth Form. To apply, your son must have received at least 6 A grades at GCSEs. He will also be required to provide a completed application form and report from his current school.

What are Eton College interviews and examinations are like, and how can I do well?
If your son is does well on the 13 plus assessment, he will be offered a placement dependant on the successful completion of his King’s Scholarship, Common Entrance, or Eton Entrance Exam in Year 8.

For Sixth Form, in addition to their 6 A grade GCSE subjects, boys shortlisted will be asked to sit for an interview and assessment similar to those required of the 13+ entrants (see above) in the February before entry. At this point, you will also be asked to provide a confidential medical report and, upon acceptance, consent for this report to be passed along to the Eton school doctor.

In the name of fairness, Eton College does not provide sample papers to prospective students. However, there are plenty of online resource that can help your son familiarise himself with common exam and GCSE questions, or assist him in overcoming revision or writing struggles. For the interview portion, Eton emphasises the importance of being able to contribute to school culture both socially and academically, so be prepared to speak about your current curriculum and subject interests, as well as how you’d like build upon those interests in your future at Eton.         

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Best of luck!
get into Eton College
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