How to get into Clifton College

July 26, 2016 by Aliya Mrochuk
Image We know that admissions can be overwhelming, so here’s our fundamentals guide to fees, registrations, and exams to get into Clifton College:

Clifton College

Type: Independent coeducational day and boarding school, ages 2 - 18

Day Fees:
Years 4 - 6: £4,155
Years 7 - 8: £5,495
Years 9 - 11: £7,670
Sixth Form: £7,800
Sixth Form Joiners: £8,110
£150 registration fee

Flexi-Boarding (3 night Prep,
4 night Upper) Fees:
Years 4 - 6: £5,155
Years 7 - 8: £6,495
Years 9 - 11: £10,315
Sixth Form: £10,610
Sixth Form Joiners: £11,080
£150 registration fee

Boarding (7 night) Fees:
Year 4: £7,140
Years 5 -6: £7,650
Years 7 - 8: £9,080
Years 9 - 11: £11,340
Sixth Form: £11,685
Sixth Form Joiners: £12,260  
£150 registration fee

Please note that all fees listed are paid per term. For more information on voluntary fees and discounts (including occasional boarding, music lessons, Holiday Club, the HM Forces Bursary and sibling discounts) check Clifton’s Fees for Preparatory School and Fees for Upper School.  

Current Preparatory Head: John Milne

Current Senior Head: Tim Greene, DPhil

About Clifton College
Clifton College is an independent coeducational day and boarding school located in Bristol, England. The school was founded by Reverend John Percival in 1862, and today welcomes over 1,250 pupils from across the world. Clifton’s mission is to “produce pupils that are the ‘best possible versions of themselves’” and to promote intellectual agility, social confidence, leadership, adventurousness, and decency in all ‘Cliftonians.’

Clifton Front (large)
Why is it so popular?
In 2015, Clifton College pupils earned their best academic results yet, with 83% of students receiving A* - B at A Levels, 91% of students receiving A* - B at GCSEs, and 8 students leaving for Oxford and Cambridge.

The school’s massive site is also a major selling point. Surrounded by 400 acres of protected parkland and backing the Bristol Zoo, Clifton offers an excellent atmosphere for your child’s studies and leisure.    

How do I know if Clifton College is right for me?
Throughout September and October, Clifton hosts an Open Day for each school that will help you and your child better understand the ethos and expectations of the school.

The Open Day for the Preparatory School begins at 9.45 a.m. on 24th September, at 5.45 p.m. on 5th October for Sixth Form and at 9.30 a.m. on 8th October for the Upper School.

To visit the school, you may register for an Open Day by contacting the school by phone or email, or by booking a personal visit.    

Registration Policy
Prior to registration, Clifton College suggests that you contact a member of their Admissions team who would be more than happy to walk you through the application process. After you and your child have had the opportunity to visit the school, you may decide if you’d like to pay the registration fee (see Fees above) and book your child’s entry examinations (for Upper and Sixth Form) or informal assessment (for Preparatory).

Clifton Library (small)
What should I expect from Clifton College’s exams, and how can I do well?
For pupils joining Clifton in Years 4 - 8, you will be asked to provide a record of your child’s previous academic performance before they sit papers in English, Mathematics and General Ability. Your child’s results will then be assessed based on the national average for their age group’s SAT level. Please note that students are generally only admitted at 11+ if they show exceptional potential.  

Students entering in Year 9 from other schools will sit the Common Entrance or Common Academic Scholarship examination the summer prior to entry. If your child would like to enter Clifton in any other year, they will sit Clifton’s own exams in English, Maths and Science.

Lastly, if your child is entering Sixth Form, they will need to have received at least 3 A grades and 3 B grades at GCSE. They will also test and interview in 2 proposed A Level subjects.

Clifton College does not offer specimen papers of their exams for full fee-paying students, but it may be helpful for your child to review the their age group’s SAT level results, the Common Entrance and/or Common Academic Scholarship examination.

Above all, Clifton aims to instill “liberal,” “future-thinking,” “original,” “talented” and “decent” values in their pupils, so strive to prove you do or will embody these values in your answers.

For more information and important dates, please refer to Clifton’s Admissions Booklet.

Good luck!
Clifton Logo
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