How to get into Cheltenham Ladies' College

July 25, 2016 by Aliya Mrochuk
Image Ready for the next step in your child’s education? Here’s everything you need to know to get into Cheltenham Ladies' College:

Cheltenham Ladies' College

Type: Independent boarding and day school for girls, ages 11 - 18

Fees for 11+ - 14+:
Boarding students: £11,440, per term
Day students: £7,680, per term
Registration fee: £250

Fees for new Sixth Form entrants:
Boarding students: £12,890 per term
Day students: £8,740 per term

Cheltenham’s fees include Personal Accident Insurance, meals and snacks, and most co-curricular events. Extra services, information on how and when to pay your fees, and a detailed explanation of the charges can be found for Sixth Form entrants here and for Lower and Upper College Entrants here.

Current Principal: Eve Jardine-Young

About Cheltenham Ladies' College
Cheltenham Ladies' College is an independent boarding and day girls’ college in Gloucestershire, England. The school began with just 82 students in 1854, and has grown to welcome over 800 students in 2016. Cheltenham strives to prepare girls for an exciting variety of careers, and have alumni that now work in industries from fashion to nanotechnology. Cheltenham’s vision is “[t]o embody excellence, independence, inspiration, and empowerment in the education of women.”

Cheltenham logo

Why is it so popular?
As one of the largest communities of boarding and day girls in Europe, Cheltenham Ladies' College has developed a reputation as academic pioneers dedicated to putting girls first for 160 years. According to the The Guardian and the Independant UK, Cheltenham has proven itself a trailblazer in areas of student mental health, academics and single-sex education.   

How do I know if Cheltenham Ladies' College is right for me?
Cheltenham Ladies' College offers several Open Days throughout the year so that you and your daughter may experience a typical day at the college before making your decision.

These visits provide you with the opportunity to meet with staff and students, and tour the school grounds, but Cheltenham suggests you save meeting with a member of the Admissions Department for after Open Day. You may also request a meeting with the Principal or Admissions Director, and priority for these meetings will be given to parents with daughters who are within two years of being able to apply to Cheltenham.

Cheltenham is now accepting bookings for the first Open Day on 1st October, and for the first Sixth Form Open Day on 17th September.

Admissions Policy
For 11+ - 13+ registration, your daughter must register and enter her examinations by 1st December, the year prior to entry. More information about admissions and exams for this entry level will be available to parents through newsletter and online in August 2016.  

For 14+ registration, your daughter must register and enter her examinations by 14th October, the year prior to entry. She will complete five exams and an academic interview, and must provide a supportive reference from her current school.

For Sixth Form entry, your daughter must register and enter her examinations by 1st October, the year prior to entry. She will then usually complete her examinations and interview in November.

Girls may enter the College at any point between 11+ and 16+, but most girls will register at the 11+ entry. Cheltenham also offers an Early Entry Scheme, which allows students in Year 7 to apply for 13+ entry early.  Otherwise, if you are considering enrolling your daughter at the 12+ or 14+ entry, Cheltenham encourages you to contact the Admissions Department as soon as possible. For more important dates regarding your daughter’s registration and examination process, click here for Lower College, here for Upper College, or here for Sixth Form.

Cheltenham inside

What are Cheltenham’s interviews and examinations like, and how can I do well?
If your daughter is entering at 11+ or 12+, she may choose to sit a pre-assessment exam between the February and October preceding her entry. Cheltenham has a team in charge of the assessment who will guide your daughter through a series of verbal reasoning, maths, and creative writing tasks for about 90 minutes. You will then receive a verbal brief from the assessor, followed by a complete report at a later date. If Cheltenham is confident in your daughter’s academic abilities, it increases her chance of acceptance the following September.   

If your daughter is entering the Upper College, she must complete an exam for English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, and the Modern Language she wishes to to study at GCSE. She will also need to complete an academic interview, and provide both a reference from her current school and a completed Upper College Examination Form.

If your daughter is entering Sixth Form, she will be asked to choose either an A Level or International Baccalaureate Diploma, which may be altered at a later date given the availability. She will also take a one hour exam in up to four potential A Level subjects, or six subjects for the IB Diploma. Lastly, Cheltenham assures you that their Admissions Department are more than happy to field any questions you may have about the interview process, or you can check out their Sixth Form Entrance Booklet for more information.   

Good Luck!

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