How to earn more if you refer more!

March 08, 2019 by Hannah
Image Here at Tutorfair, we want to encourage our tutors to go the extra mile to support clients by referring other tutors for work they can’t do themselves. What’s more, tutors can receive referral commission on these bookings.

We recently spoke to one of our top tutors and 11 Plus experts, James M, who gave some top tips on how he earns more from Tutorfair through referral commission…

Why refer a client to another tutor?

James has  found referring tutors an easy way to help potential clients and earn some hassle-free extra commission on the side!

How to refer a client to another tutor

James found the best way to refer clients was to first, politely inform the client that you are unable to help them and then refer others tutors that you think might be able to help. It is always a good idea to keep up a good rapport with a client even if you are unable to help them at that time- you never know, they might look into booking you in the future!

How do you choose who to refer?

This is dependent on where the client is looking for tuition.  It is good to know a couple of tutors in other locations who are good and reliable and you can easily recommend. There are multiple networking events and workshops where you can meet other tutors in your field.

James found that if he didn't know any tutors in the area, he would try running a search as though you are a client. Not only is this a quick and simple process but it also gives you an insight into the process clients go through when looking for a tutor.

Who else can I refer? 

Another excellent way to earn more through Tutorfair is to refer yourself to clients who are not yet on Tutorfair. Having more lessons going through Tutorfair will improve your ranking on the site (total number of hours is one of the things we track).

For more information on referrals and how you can earn more, visit our handy support centre article.

James M is one of our top tutors. With over 10 years of experience, James has prepared students for some of the most competitive schools, including Westminster, Eton, Latymer and St Paul’s. Interested in booking a lesson with James? Click here to visit his Tutorfair profile and find out more!

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