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January 11, 2016 by Annabel Healer

We've had an amazing 2015 here at Tutorfair thanks to our fantastic community of tutors and students!  We asked a few of our favourites to share their adventures with us.  Here, Charlie tells us how to become a great tutor.

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Charlie s 

My name is Charlie, I’m 22 years old and my core subjects are Psychology, Statistics, and Primary education. I was introduced to Tutorfair in September 2015, and being a part of the community has already proven to be amazing! For someone who is studying a highly demanding course, it is a great way of earning an income whilst also knowing you’re contributing to a good cause.

Since starting out on Tutorfair, I have been quite successful in attracting a respectable number of clients in a short space of time. Although it may be partly due to beginner’s luck, I think a big reason for the success is because I am willing to go the extra mile for my students. Accommodating for their individual needs is essential to getting established, which can be easily achieved by having some key principles of your own…

  • Flexibility and availability – Quality and quantity are both important! The more lessons you advertise; the more potential bookings you can get. Additionally, the more spread out they are; the more needs of potential clients you will be meeting (so more bookings by different clients!)

  • Honesty – Always be straight with your students and Tutorfair. If you know you’ll be late to a lesson, or may have to cancel, tell the client ASAP (adding an apology with a smiley face helps!).

  • Advertisement – Don’t be afraid to ask past teachers or students for a reference! You rarely buy something before reading a couple of reviews, so fish for the compliments and stand out.

It is important to play on your strengths. Everybody is different, and in my case I am often described as funny, enthusiastic and energetic, all of which I use in my teaching style. Lastly, if you enjoy what you’re teaching, your students will enjoy learning it (trust me, I tutor stats!) 

Want to book Charlie for Psychology revision?  Or perhaps you want to sign up as a tutor? There's something for everyone at Tutorfair!

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