How Music Lessons Help Boost Creativity

November 29, 2019 by Hannah
Image Creativity is often seen as an innate talent and as an ability reserved for artists. However, scientific research on the brain reveals that music lessons can be an excellent way to battle stress, add structure and learn a new skill with many amazing and surprising benefits at any age.

Studies have suggested that not only does learning an instrument strengthen memory and reading skills, performing in a community  encourages close communication which can lead to further connections and deeper friendships. These experiences contribute to our creative thinking and exposure to new things helps us to unlock a different side to ourselves.

Whether it's learning piano, violin, cello, flute, oboe, singing, drums or guitar there are so many brilliant music teachers out there looking to inspire their pupils and Tutorfair is the best place to find them! Most tutors, by now, are just as fed up of painful exam-cramming as you and your children, and will be only too happy to rediscover the joy of learning. Children thrive from learning in different environments and with different people. So if you can afford some extra help, a music tutor could be just what they need to inject some educational fun into their schedule.

Our music teachers include professional performers, members of bands, and composers including:

Sabin M - is a vocal coach, piano and guitar tutor for ABRSM and Trinity £28.00 p/h

Anna B - is a highly experienced violin and piano tutor £50.00 p/h

Calvin H - is a professional gigging drummer and highly experience tutor £40.00 p/h

Connor G - is a guitar, music theory and Sibelius tutor who regularly gigs in London £40.00 p/h

In fact, one of our top music tutors; Dorian G, has recently written a great blog post on why he loves tutoring piano, which you can read here.
Looking for more ways to boost creativity? Here is a link to another one of our handy blogs on 6 ways to boost creativity.
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