How Can a Tutor Help when Revising for Exams?

Mark Maclaine

February 04, 2015

Every student is different, so there is nothing more valuable than having a personal tutor to help develop a personalised plan, bespoke to your child's learning style and timetable.

Here are top tutor Mark Maclaine's main benefits of working with a private tutor when revising for exams:

  • Help organise revision and prepare a timetable (which can help reduce exam stress).

  • Cut through all the unimportant details and help a student get a good overview and focused revision topics.

  • Identify what a student has already learnt, and fine tune areas that may need more work.

  • A fresh pair of eyes that can help spot any mistakes early!

  • Enable students to manage their own revising timetable.

  • Someone to turn to with difficult questions while revising.

  • Acting as a coach, a tutor will help set deadlines, encourage and motivate your child to work on their own.

  • Share great exam and revising techniques.

  • Know where to find great resources that will help with revision.

Regular testing and using knowledge is an incredibly powerful learning tool. Tutors act as a sounding board and can help a student excel!

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