Top 5 Tips: Easily get your Child to do their Homework

Mark Maclaine

January 16, 2014

The dreaded homework is now set quite regularly at school, often on a daily basis. It might not be the most appealing activity but it has to be done! So here are some tips to help get that homework completed without having those daily arguments:

Illustration by Emma Winsor Wood, CC-by

  • Week to week, most students find it easier to get their homework done just after school.  Having a snack to raise blood sugar, then getting the homework done whilst the pupil is still in “school mode” is usually a good idea.

  • Decide when homework should be done at the weekend. Generally I’d advise not leaving it until Sunday. Remember, you can always re-asses things later if they’re not working. Doing homework at the beginning of the weekend allows the child to relax and enjoy the weekend, rather than having ‘homework stress’.

  • Discuss all of these plans with your child. Having a routine works very well for most students, and if they feel part of the discussion then they’re more likely to stick to it.

  • It’s also a good idea to draw up a homework timetable template in advance that students can start to fill in once they have their schedule.

  • This might sound obvious, but make sure pupils know how to organise themselves. Have labelled folders ready to start putting worksheets and completed homework in. Make sure they know where to keep old books once they’re filled up. This way, their notes will be easier to revise from when it’s exam time – and they won’t lose homework!