Help keep your child motivated over the holiday period

December 05, 2018 by Esme
Image Do you struggle to keep motivated when it comes to school, university or just learning in general?

With so many opportunities for distraction, motivating students to learn can be a difficult task.

To help, outlined below are 5 learning strategies to try at home to help keep your child motivated over the holiday period.

1. Advanced planning is needed: Try to create a steady routine. Most of our fantastic tutors would agree that students are far more likely to dedicate themselves to a set task if they have regular schedule to follow. A revision timetable can be a useful tool to help establish a schedule.

2. Create an environment without distractions: This is absolutely crucial. A study by the Pew Research Centre found that technology has ‘created an easily distracted generation with short attention spans’. The key to combat this trend is to provide a quiet environment away from mobile phones and chatty siblings. Instead have regular breaks to refresh the mind and catch up with friends.

3. Have a dedicated tutor: A constant figure that is not mum or dad is a welcome relief for students hard at work preparing for exams. Familiarity with a Tutor can give students the confidence they need to ask questions and get the necessary support. A regular tutor can also help build structure and ensure that all-important schedule is followed!

4. Don’t just take notes: be an active learner: Countless studies have shown that employing a wide range of different learning styles help children better absorb information at a more accurate rate. Everyone is different, so the most important thing is to find the most effective learning tool for them. Sit down find our how they like to learn. Alternatively arrange for a qualified Tutor to help find the perfect learning style.

5. Be Creative! After all the stresses of school it important to recharge your batteries with something new and interesting! So, get creative. Learn a new recipe or just get creative in the kitchen. Studies show that people in a happy comfortable environment are more likely to learn effectively.

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, celebrate achievements. Praise can go a long way in motivating students to learn! 

Looking for a tutor? Find a great tutor to help keep your child motivated with Tutorfair. 

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