Great Online Maths Resources


March 01, 2017

Our fantastic community of tutors here at Tutorfair have produced some great online maths resources to help students build in confidence and ability.

Maths Games
The Game of 24
Practice your mental arithmetic with this great card game

Primary Logic Problems
Three logic puzzles for primary level

Maths Challenge Key Stage 1
Fun maths challenge covering topics including sums, multiplication, and primes

Maths Geometry
An application that teaches Euclidean Geometry in a fun way

Area dice game
A strategic game to improve conceptual understanding of area

Worksheets and exercises
Adding and Subtracting fractions
Step-by step explanation simplifying the steps

Manipulating Equations
A worksheet to practice manipulating linear equations

Converting Equations into Slope-Intercept Form
Exercise to practice basic manipulation of equations and prepare for graphing exercises

Finding missing Angles- Parallel Lines GCSE
Use the four rules of parallel lines to find the missing angles on this worksheet

Online tools
Free online Graphing and Algebra Software
Links to free programs that allows you to visually illustrate the solutions of a problem

Scientific Calculator 
Download a digital stimulator for a scientific calculator 

To contact any of these great tutors, you can reach their profile through their resource.

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