Goal Setting: How to Set Goals for Going Back to School

January 10, 2020 by Hannah
Image The start of the new year brings an excellent opportunity to set new goals. Whilst many of us set goals regularly, we don't always think about the practice of setting goals effectively. We decided to take a look at the best ways you can set goals to ensure you can fulfil your goals successfully this year! 

Goal Setting

It is important to start implementing goal setting at an early stage and as a parent, this could be a good time to reflect with your child on the previous year, and ask them what they have enjoyed or found difficult. This is an excellent way to encourage including your child's school curriculum into their goal setting and by doing so at an early stage in education helps encourage this behaviour. You can then try and agree some goals for the upcoming term!

The Importance & Benefits of Setting Goals

Getting into the practice of setting goals early encourages the opportunity for early wins. This can help to positively impact your child's self-belief by recognising their achievements through early life stages. This can also be applied outside of their education to help your child build their self confidence.

There are many benefits of goal setting; providing motivation,  direction and focus your child. These can then be applied children's decision making as helps build purpose and for them take an active role in building their future.

Steps to Successful Goal Setting

There are several clear and simple ways to set your your students:

  1. Tailor a specific plan for each goal

  2. Make sure each goal is clear and measurable

  3. Stay on track by reflecting often on each goal

  4. Make revisions to the plan if you feel the are required

  5. Stay on track by reflecting often on each goal

  6. Celebrate small wins!

Looking for more tips on getting prepped for the new school year? Top tutor Mark Maclaine has written a blog post with his 7 top tips to make going back to school a little easier, from making an action plan to valuing student friendships!
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