How to go the extra mile


August 21, 2019

Tutoring can be a tough industry to tackle, which is why we have compiled some of the things we have learnt from our very best tutors over the years, including some top tips from “Supertutor” Mark Maclaine. This blog focuses on how tutors can use the Tutorfair platform to go the extra mile for your clients.


It is vital that tutors keep open lines of communication with client and going the extra mile might mean extending the communication in your own time. Make a note of key test or exam days, and be open to marking or proof-reading assignments outside of lessons.

We also offer a function for tutors to provide written feedback at the end of every session, listing what they covered in the lesson, what skills the student has gained, the challenges they need to work on, and their homework. 

Create some resources

If you are tutoring a subject and you have some resources that support this subject, why not add them to your profile? Not only does this show that you have taken the time to boost your profile but it also helps students too. 

The human element 

We asked "Supertutor", Mark Maclaine how he kept up such a great rapport with his pupils and, more importantly, their parents. He found that a personal touch often goes a long way in showing that you have the pupil’s best interests at heart. For example, if you know your student has an upcoming exam, a quick phone call the night before to check the student is prepared or run over any last minute concerns shows that you are an attentive tutor and leaves a great lasting impression. 

This blog is the third in our "How to" series offering expert advice and top tips on how to become a great tutor. For more blogs, visit here.