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April 01, 2021 by Hannah
Image Here at Tutorfair, we're always looking for new ways to keep GCSE learning fun and innovative. Back in March 2020, we launched our Online Study Groups project during lockdown as an initiative to help students affected by school closures. These groups enable between 4 - 6 students  to continue their learning with a top tutor and see their friends - at 50% off the tutor's normal price!

Following a successful pilot of this project, we are excited to now offer several fantastic Online Study Groups groups run by top Tutorfair tutors for GCSE subjects:

Year 10 & 11 French GCSE with Alison every Wednesday 5pm - 6pm (£20p/h)*

Year 10 & 11 Spanish GCSE with Rosa every Tuesday 5pm - 6pm (£20p/h)*

Year 10 & 11 English Poetry: Power & Conflict with Sam every Saturday 1:30pm - 2:30pm (£20p/h)*

Year 10 & 11 English Literature: Jekyll & Hyde with Sam every Saturday 11am - 12pm (£20p/h)*

Year 11 Physics GCSE  with John every Sunday 5pm - 6pm (£15p/h)

Year 11 Chemistry GCSE/IGCSE with John every Sunday 7pm-8pm (£15p/h)

Year 11 Biology GCSE/IGCSE with John every Tuesday 5pm - 6pm (£15p/h)

For parents, small group tuition allows access to top tutor’s at affordable rates whilst also mitigating academic slide. The students participating have all said that they enjoyed themselves during the group lessons, with several groups continuing after school.

"You have other people to help you when you get stuck and the environment is more relaxed because you don't have to worry about making errors and looking silly." - Physics GCSE (Online Study Group) student

*Pending group: These groups already have one student who has registered and are now waiting for another student to sign up and begin lessons.

To register interest for the group you can view more details here. Alternatively, if you and a friend would be interested in forming a group then please email Hannah at support@tutorfair.com to help find a tutor for you!
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