Free Science GCSE Resources!

October 04, 2021 by Joanne Afriyie
Image Hello all! My name is Joanne and we are back with another blog post highlighting our top resources from our fantastic tutors! Last week we focused on Maths GCSE resources which you can check out here. Today we are focusing on all things Science! We will be covering Science GCSE topics such as photosynthesis, thermal physics, bacterial cells and much more!

These resources and more can all be accessed from the resource centre


Photosynthesis and aerobic respiration

The first resource is from Michael a qualified teacher and former GCSE examiner. Michael has contributed a resource covering photosynthesis and aerobic respiration which can be accessed here.

Bacterial cell interaction!

Muhammad has provided a really fun and interactive science resource on bacterial cell interaction. You can find this fun resource here.

What are genes?

This next resource is for those who are studying GCSE Biology and getting to grips with the topic of genetic engineering. You can find this detailed resource here.


Bonding and structure of substance

Barry has provided a GCSE Chemistry substance resource for those students who struggle when describing the structure and the properties of substances.

Chemistry GCSE test

This next resource which can be found here has been provided by Joanie an AQA examiner! This test is great for those who are looking to refresh their knowledge.

Water of crystallisation

This resource is for those studying the Chemistry GCSE topic water of crystallisation.  Mark is one of the founders of Tutorfair and his useful resource provides a question and answer reference to help student's revise their knowledge of this topic.


Thermal Physics

This next resources provided by Hiren is for those tackling the topic of thermal physics. Hiren has provided a question and answer sheet which is excellent for those consolidating their knowledge. This resource can be accessed here.

Physics literature

This next resource is for those looking for Physics GCSE book recommendations. Tutor James has also included some book recommendations as well as a small excerpt about the book. You can read this resource here.

GCSE Physics resource bank

Our tutor Chris has provided you with a mega Physics resource that will be useful for students who want to revise multiple GCSE Science topics. You can access this great resource here.


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