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February 14, 2020 by Hannah
Image Whether it be GCSE, A-Level or beyond, accessing the right support and resources are crucial for your child to help them prepare and get the very best grades.

Our fantastic community of tutors have produced resources for all subjects and levels for students to access to help build in confidence and ability. These resources include revision notes for GCSE subjects: including English texts, such as Hamlet and Othello, French GCSE reading tests and many more. All of these can be accessed from our FREE resource centre.

English Resources

Tutor Barbara N, a qualified teacher and experienced English and History tutor, has posted several fantastic resources providing sample papers as well as insight into the exam and grade boundaries.

One of her most popular resources covers GCSE English Lanuage Paper 1: A* / Level 9 model answer where you can download a sample exam paper to understand the model answer.

Maths Resources

One big concern for many students has been the new GCSE Maths syllabus and figuring out the best approach to answering the harder grade 9 questions. We spoke to Adam S, a tutor and qualified maths teacher, to share his expertise on how best to tackle these questions for the new maths 9-1 GCSE. We also compiled a blog with our list of great online maths resources. 

You can visit our maths tutors page and find local tutors in your area covering all levels from Key stage1 through to GCSE and A-level.

Checkout out more Resources that others found helpful here:

  1. Love and Relationships GCSE Poetry

  2. Adding and Subtracting Fractions 

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