Free Maths GCSE resources!

September 29, 2021 by Joanne Afriyie
Image Hello again, it's me, Joanne, Customer Experience Manager here at Tutorfair! Following on from the Free English GCSE resources post! I have compiled a selection of the top Free Maths GCSE resources that our expert tutors have contributed.

In this post we will focus on free Maths GCSE resources that range from Pythagoras' theorem, challenging GCSE Maths topics and GCSE practice and revision tips!

These resources and more can all be accessed from the resource centre

Pythagorean Theorem

The first resource is from supertutor and co-founder of Tutorfair Mark Maclaine. This resource tackles the infamous Pythagoras’ theorem. Mark has provided a resource that allows you to practice and consolidate your knowledge of Pythagoras’ theorem. You can find the question sheet and answer sheet here.

Challenging Maths GCSE Topics

The next resource is for those who struggle with Sine and Cosine Rules, Algebraic proofs and Vectors. Tutor Bishan has contributed a fantastic resource that you can use to challenge yourself on these difficult GCSE topics. You can download the GCSE exam style sheet here.

Maths GCSE revision tips!

Janet has provided six excellent tips to help you prepare for those all important exams next year! You can download this resource here.

Maths GCSE knowledge checklist

José has provided two excellent Maths GCSE checklist resources which cover both Foundation and Higher tiers. This is a helpful resource for those who want to structure their revision.

GCSE Practice Papers

Tutor Marc has provided a mega past paper resource which covers a range of GCSE topics such as probability, circle theorems, proportionality, histograms and much more. You can find all of these fantastic resources here.

To get in touch with any of these tutors you can reach their profile through their resource.


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