Free Exam Resources for you!

May 26, 2022 by Joanne
Image With exams underway, the team at Tutorfair have put together a list of our top resources to help you this exam season!

If you are looking for resources for a specific subject, check out our top resources for 11 PlusGCSE EnglishMaths and Science.

Remember that all these resources and more can be found in our Resource Centre where our amazing community of tutors and experts in the academic field contribute useful educational resources all for free!


Natasha M has provided a helpful resource for students who are feeling the pressure of exams this year. In her mindfulness and meditation resource, Natasha explains the benefits of being more present and how this can help us overcome challenges and manage stress.

Exam preparation

Top tutor James R's resource explains the importance of exam preparation, including tips such as creating a revision schedule, eating the right nutrient-rich food, and resting.

11+ expert Rush M has provided a useful algebra worksheet that parents can work through with their children to help improve their knowledge of expanding brackets and solving equations in preparation for common entrance exams.
Key English terms

Rahul G has shared an amazing keyword bank that details many key English language terms that are useful to know for GCSE and A-level English language and literature exams.
Maths A-level past paper resource

Oxford graduate Chris M has provided a Maths A-Level past paper resource which covers a range of A-Level topics such as algebra and functions, sequences and series, differentiation and vectors.
Test your scientific knowledge

Top tutor Andrew M has shared a past paper exam focused on the topic of atoms. This resource includes an atoms IGCSE test and mark scheme for students to practice their knowledge.

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Free Exam Resources for you!

With exams underway, the team at Tutorfair have put together a list of our top e...

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