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March 31, 2022 by Joanne
Image With many of you preparing for exams this year, the team has compiled a list of free educational resources to assist your learning. Read on to find resources on English and Maths 11 Plus exam exercises, Romeo and Juliet analysis, and Chemistry GCSE practice tests!

If you are looking for more resources, check out our Resource Centre to find more.

If you would like to know more about the changes to exams this year you can visit our blog on 2022 Exams and Assessments.

11 Plus

Top tutor and 11 Plus specialist James M has created a useful 11 Plus exercise for students studying the Verbal Reasoning section for upcoming 11 Plus exams. The resource covers topics ranging from riddles, grammar exercises, logic puzzles and much more!

Babad A is a tutor and examiner who has provided an excellent resource for learning or revising knowledge for the 11 Plus maths section of the exam.


Andrew M has provided an excellent resource for those looking for Interactive Simulations for Science at any level. This resource allows you to interact with simulations of popular Science topics such as forces and motion, density and the PH scale!

Joanie M is a highly experienced teacher and examiner who has shared a Chemistry GCSE test to help students tackle common Chemistry GCSE Misconceptions.  By completing the test you get an immediate result which gives you a detailed reason for the correct or incorrect answers you have chosen.


Abnet has contributed an amazing resource for Maths students who require help on how to find the nth term of a quadratic sequence. This PowerPoint presentation covers examples and practice questions for you to work through in your own time.

Artur has provided a video resource that shows students how geometric series can be expressed as fractions. This educational video is great for visual learners to use.


This next resource is perfect for students studying the key English Literature GCSE text, Romeo and Juliet. It focuses on the significance of Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet. Annette's resource identifies how Shakespeare used Mercutio as a structural device to drive the plot forward.

Rebecca has shared a comprehensive resource on another popular English Literature text An Inspector Calls. This fantastic resource covers an overview of the plot summary, key character analysis and major themes in the play.

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