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October 22, 2021 by Joanne
Image Hello everyone! My name is Joanne and we have another blog post highlighting our top resources from our fantastic tutors.

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Today we are focusing on all things 11 Plus. We have an amazing selection of resources today ranging from past paper exams, student preparation and much much more!

Practice makes perfect

The first resource has been contributed by VishalThis free resource is an 11 Plus exam practice paper which will be great for student’s to work through in their own time to identify strengths and identify any gaps in their knowledge. This resource covers English, Maths, and Verbal Reasoning. 

English Comprehension

This next resource is great for those who need some extra help with English comprehension. Tutor Rohan has provided a resource that explains and provides helpful exercises on how to approach the three most common 11 Plus English comprehension questions

Game Plan

This next resource is for those who are struggling with a plan to prepare for English 11 Plus exams. Anisha has curated an 11 Plus English game plan which can be accessed here. This resource outlines the most important skills to help excel in exams and also contains book recommendations.

Maths 11 Plus worksheet

This next resource is great for those students who would like to practice their maths skills. Tutor Harry W has contributed a useful resource that focuses on place value problems

Maths and English self-study recommendations

A combination of tutoring and self-study is a great way to prepare for 11 Plus exams. Victoria has kindly put together an 11 Plus self-study resource pack which includes maths exercises and vocabulary building tips to help students excel in their 11 Plus exams!

Improve your creative writing

Sonal P has provided an excellent 11 Plus creative writing example which outlines important English Language techniques which are key to succeeding in 11 Plus exams.

To get in touch with any of these tutors you can reach their profile through their resource.

For extra support with 11 Plus tutoring, why not book a lesson with one of our expert 11 Plus tutors here at Tutorfair? With Tutorfair you can browse through a selection of amazing tutors to find the right tutor for you!
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