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February 06, 2014 by Sebastian Kotur
Image imageThis week we would like to introduce Erica G, an English, Creative Writing and American SAT private tutor. She is originally from California, but is now a tutor living in London.  Erica is passionate about teaching writing and critical thinking skills through literature, and believes learning these skills can see individuals through much of their academic and practical challenges.  So let’s find out a little more about her…

Erica, why do you love tutoring?

I enjoy passing on knowledge in a subject that I love as well as building a child’s confidence in their own abilities. Often struggling children have the ability, they just need to believe in themselves. I love being able to instil that belief in a child by maximising their skills so they can reach their full potential.

Who inspired you in education?

My 8th grade English teacher and two of my lecturers at university where I studied writing and literature. They inspired me because they stood up for the right to education. They were strong teachers and taught me to think for myself in an original way and to believe that I could achieve great things.

What else do you get up to besides tutoring?

Well, I’m currently a PhD student so I spend a lot of my time doing my research for that. My research is in love and romance in LGBT young adult novels. I’m also an avid textile crafter so I enjoy quilting, knitting and doing some cross-stitch. I just love anything where I can express myself creatively.


If you had a super power what would it be?

If I could read while I sleep and remember everything in the morning that would be amazing. Then I would have a whole library of books stored in my head.

What advice would you give to a parent on how to find a tutor?

I would recommend first to find someone who is a specialist in the subject the child needs support with and then to find a tutor who can really help children believe in themselves. A personal tutor needs to be able to work alongside a student and act as coach as well as a tutor.

Want to meet Erica? See below to view her short video:

Subjects taught by Erica

English- Degree, IB, A-Level, GCSE, 11+, Primary, AS

Basic IT Skills


Creative Writing



Microsoft Office

Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft Word



If you or your child needs help with any of the above then please click here to visit Erica’s profile page and book a lesson.

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