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October 31, 2013 by Sebastian Kotur
Image On the back of our interview with the wonderful Dr Stephie we’ve connected up with some experts on Educational Psychology who have kindly given us a number of opinions and materials.

These are resources we’d like to share with you, so if you would like to read more about how an educational psychologist can help your child, please see below:


Kate Fallon, General Secretary of the Association of Educational Psychologists said:

“A parent might want to consult an educational psychologist if they have concerns about their child related to many areas of their development and learning, especially when it’s affecting their happiness and progress in school.

Parents would normally discuss those concerns with their schools, following which the school might ask their educational psychologist for advice and help.

The educational psychologist would first discuss those concerns with parents, teachers and the children. They might carry out individual assessment of  the needs of the child by observing them in a classroom and playground setting, by looking at their schoolwork and by working directly with them find out more about their progress, their learning skills and their views about the concerns which have been raised.

The educational psychologist would then work with the child, the parents and the school and any other significant adults to consider possible solutions and information, tips and advice on how to best help the child overcome his or her difficulties.”

The AEP’s recommendation is to visit your Local Authority EP services websites, most of which have information regarding how EPs work and the sort of work which they do

For example,

Westminster Local Authority

Kensington & Chelsea Local Authority

Islington Local Authority

Hammersmith & Fulham Local Authority

From around the web

An excellent place to find more about Educational Psychologists is


They have a free range of resources, and information on diagnostic tests.

There is also an excellent bank of information for anyone considering the services of an educational psychologist.
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