Tutorfair: Discounted Dyslexia Training, Monday Nov. 24th

November 12, 2014 by Madeleine

Dyslexia Training with British Dyslexia Association and Tutorfair

Have you or your child been diagnosed with dyslexia? Are you a tutor who’s been asked to support a dyslexic student? Tutorfair can help!

Dyslexia is such a complicated thing to understand, not just for the person/child who has it, but also for everyone around them. Trying to learn to live with it doesn't stop with going into class from 9-5, or doing extra homework; that can only truly happen if they get the correct support needed for his/her's specific difficulty. -Nicholas B.

Students with dyslexia often find studying and learning frustrating, if not impossible. Dyslexia is not conducive to traditional methods of learning to read, write, and spell. As a result, dyslexic students often benefit from additional support outside of school, like private tutors. The right tutor can make a huge difference for a student with dyslexia. With effective support, the difficulties of dyslexia can be minimised and students can become successful readers and writers. About one in ten people in the UK struggles with dyslexia. In fact, there are more searches for dyslexia tutors in London than for English and science tutors combined! That’s a huge demand! Tutorfair wants to make sure students have access to the support they need to love learning and enjoy their time in school. So we’re committed to ensuring there are qualified, well-trained tutors who can provide this much needed support. Training to provide dyslexia support is often expensive and difficult for tutors to access, which is where Tutorfair comes in!

I was very lucky that I got support from a very young age & learnt many different methods about how to live with it like: if I encounter a problem what to do, what methods can I use to overcome the problem. - Nicholas B.

Tutorfair is teaming up with the British Dyslexia Association (BDA) to train our tutors in Practical Solutions for Dyslexia. Tutorfair and BDA will provide 25 lucky tutors with the tools they need to effectively help students who struggle with dyslexia. We’re making this course available to tutors for a serious discount! Normally, it costs £72; however Tutorfair tutors can attend for just £40! After the course, tutors will :

  • have an understanding of the sensory experience of what dyslexia feels like and how it affects the learning process

  • be familiar with different types of dyslexia

  • understand the best ways to teach children with dyslexia, according to research and learning theories

  • have ideas and knowledge of practical teaching strategies, multisensory lesson plans and resources

Sign up here to attend Practical Solutions course on Monday Nov. 24th, 2014. We plan to follow-up this training with a series of training days which, when combined, will give tutors a level-3 Accreditation in Dyslexia Support. The Nov. 24th training day is a pre-requisite for further training, so if you’re a tutor who’d like to get training, it’s very important you attend! This is also the best day to attend if you’re looking for a less in-depth overview of dyslexia. Students and parents will be able to search our database for “Dyslexia Support” to find quality, trained tutors who can provide effective learning support. As a result, more students will have more support, and can start loving to learn!

Now that I'm in my mid 20's, lots of people say that they wouldn't have known whatsoever that I had a really severe form of Dyslexia/Dyspraxia. For me, that is the greatest compliment. Accommodating each child/person’s specific needs, as soon as possible (and being incredibly patient with it) would mean that they can carry on with their lives without any difficulties, and without being afraid.   -Nicholas B.

British Dyslexia Association The British Dyslexia Association provide dyslexia and dyscalculia training for schools, teachers, companies, and individuals.The BDA aims to be the voice of the dyslexic community in the UK and enable individuals with dyslexia to reach their full potential.

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