Does Speed Reading Spoil the Pleasure of Reading?


October 21, 2015

Alex G has been teaching Speed Reading since 2006 and he has developed a new methodology that has worked for thousands of people. Alex is also a learning difficulties practitioner and a practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Alex has written a piece on whether speed reading spoils the pleasure of reading!

There are many misconceptions about speed reading and I want to help you understand what to expect if you hire a speed reading tutor.

Your mind processes information very quickly. When you read slowly your mind tends to drift away, you end up wasting time by re-reading a paragraph that you didn’t understand and become demotivated to read or study.

Pay attention whilst reading these lines to the voice inside your head, saying the words back to yourself. This is called” inner speech” and people are not always aware that they have this little voice pretending to say the words to themselves to understand the text. When you read in this way your reading speed will be limited to the speed that you can talk, which varies from 150 to 250 words per minute.

Once you learn how to speed read you will silence this inner speech and will be reading silently. Your speed will increase to 500 words per minute or even 1,000 words per minute. It will depend on the complexity of the text. You will learn how to change gears, read at the right speed to have the best comprehension and avoid becoming distracted or having to skip back to re-read something you’ve already read.

After all, there are no set standards to measure your reading speed, until now. How do you know how fast you are reading and who are you comparing yourself with?

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