De-centralised Learning with Meet'n'learn

October 26, 2015 by Breanna
Image Tutors are in demand from a growing number of students who would previously not have had the opportunity to access this privilege.

Instead, there is a rise in peer-to-peer learning between high school and university students that are pulling each other up. As they realize that they have skills that may be different, but complimentary they recognize ways in which they can learn from each other.

Often it is the case that there is not enough availability of teachers or professors for each student to give individual support. So many students have taken it into their own hands and decided to find other methods so that they can learn from each other.

Meet’n’learn is empowering these students to take learning into their own hands. Students can fill out their profiles online themselves and immediately get students who are sometimes their own age, at other times younger, that is introducing peer-to-peer learning.

For those students that are at University, they can find a way to teach the subjects that they are becoming specialist in. By tutoring others they are able to learn better and deeper themselves. Without this opportunity that Meet’n’learn presents for students to teach and learn their own subject, through a safe and easy to use platform then, students both at University and also at high-school may find themselves having to take on part-time jobs that are not relevant to their careers or specialist subjects such as working as a waitress or delivering food, papers or any other number of low-wage and skilled jobs.

The question of quality comes into play when students themselves are tutoring others. Quality is measured by the students who are able to measure how good the tutors are for them, by their improvement in that particular subject at school. For example, one student who was struggling in her physics exam found that she was able to pull up her marks from a 6--that is the worst mark you can achieve in Germany in a subject--to a 3. This was a huge improvement and she could measure the quality of the tutor against her school success.

Meet’n’learn like TutorFair believes in accessibility for all. Tutors can set their own fee, however, they can choose the possibility to give special offers to those that cannot afford the price set. This encourages more students to navigate and discuss specific situations and needs with those tutor on the Meet’n’learn platform.

Bilgehan Arikoglu who since January 2015 has been managing business development for Meet’n’learn has developed partnerships with Sprachschule Beck-up that is the biggest YouTube channel in Germany for math-videos and Die Neue Schule, to name a few.

With over 1300 tutors active in Austria and Germany having reached over 1500 tutors in October 2015, Czech Republic and Slovakia combined have over 5000 tutors it`s clear that Meet’n’learn that was founded by Juraj Svincak and Tomáš Palkovič in 2012 have developed an wonderful opportunity for peer-to-peer and intergenerational tutoring that can be found over a quick and easy platform that is user-friendly for both parents and students alike.

Written by Jessica White: Freelance EdTech Consultant
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