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September 01, 2015 by Caryn Tan
Image Results are now behind us and a new academic year in front. In the coming weeks, preparations for university and school applications, not to mention additional entrance exams, ramp up. September is the month for private tuition demand.

From a parent's perspective, finding a tutor that matches the needs of their child is no simple business. Hiring a tutor is based on reputation, and if you do not know a good tutor for a given subject, it can be difficult finding someone suitable for your child. For this reason it is important as a tutor to display markers of professionalism and competency. Experience, references, DBSthese are all important for making a good impression.

From my perspective, I aim to find clients locally. Less travel means less rushing. It also means greater reliability for the client. Losing lessons due to a bicycle puncture or, indeed, a tube strike is in nobody's interest.

Towards both aims of the parent and the tutor, I recommend local advertising. Targeted flyers and business cards in neighborhood coffee shops, supermarkets and artisan shops can be a low-effort, high-reward method for reaching new clients. Being local is another sign a tutor can use to demonstrate that they are a good bet.

When it came to producing my flyers for this year’s intake, I decided to include my Tutorfair profile.

If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s now possible to create a short (memorable!) link to your profile page.

So why include the link? After all, most parents will  use conventional methods of communication. Well several reasons! Firstly, a reputable website link is more professional than a generic free email account. Secondly, a lot more information can be stored on the Tutorfair profile pagehopefully answering any questions a parent may have. Thirdly, greater exposure of Tutorfair encourages more local clients onto the site. Fourthly, and finally, even if you aren’t a good match for the client, there might be another opportunity nearby.

Not convinced? Check out these articles on choosing the perfect tutor:

Written by Mark Brown.
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