Tutorfair Christmas Puzzles

December 15, 2014 by Breanna
Image This year we've sent out our very first Christmas card, featuring a festive math problem and hand finished with some glitter glue decorations! The Tutorfairies busied away signing 1000's of cards whilst listening to Christmas jingles.

Christmas Card writing 500px

If you were one of the lucky few who received one of our card, you will have also found a fun little visual word puzzle or a word jumble inside. Seeing as we have found you here, we are guessing you'd like the answers?

You will also find a few new Christmas puzzles, so feel free to have a go at those too (if you enjoy doing Christmas puzzles for fun!)

front of card blog

Visual Word Puzzles

Christmas Puzzle #1

Spear          Cottage

Pepper       Shepherd

Garden       Apple

Christmas Puzzle #2

Hi Spring

Hello Summer

Hey Autumn

Hi-ya Winter

Christmas Puzzle #3



Word Jumbles

Christmas Puzzle #4


Christmas Puzzle #5


Christmas Puzzle #6


Christmas Puzzle #7


Christmas Puzzle #8


ANSWERS - don't peak until you're ready!

mince piesPuzzle #1 Answer - Mince Pies (Mints pies)

seasons greetingsPuzzle #2 Answer - Seasons Greetings

noelPuzzle #3 Answer - Noël Noël (no "L" no "L")

stockingPuzzle #4 Answer - Stocking

reindeerPuzzle #5 Answer - Reindeer

mistletoePuzzle #6 Answer - Mistletoe

nutcrackerPuzzle #7 Answer - Nutcracker

snowmanPuzzle #8 Answer - Snowman

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