Christmas Alphabet


December 18, 2015

Tutorfair's Christmas Alphabet!

Each letter of our Christmas Alphabet stands for something Christmassy (and some are easier to guess than others!).

Why don't you have a go? Don't scroll too fast as the answers are at the bottom! We will start you off, A stands for Angel.

See how many you can guess, good luck and Happy Christmas!

Christmas Alphabet Tutorfair


We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy the holidays.



Scroll down further for the answers...



What does each letter stand for in our Christmas Alphabet?

A is for Angel

B is for Bells

C is for Candy Cane

D is for Decorations

E is for Elf

F is for Frost

G is for Gingerbread

H is for Holly

I is for Ivy (Holly and Ivy together! Do you like what we did there?)

J is for Joy - this is a tough one, the J is a smiley face with eyes!

K is for King

L is for Lights

M is for Mistletoe

N is for North Pole - an easy one as it is labelled!

O is for Ornament

P is for Present

Q is for Quilt

R is for Reindeer OR Rudolph as this reindeer has a read nose!

S is of course for Santa

T is for Tree

U is for Unwrap

V is for Visit - this is a VERY tough one! There are not many Christmassy words that begin with "V", can you think of any?

W is for Wreath!

X is for xxxxxxx (kisses) - this is cheating I know, but we didn't think X-ray or Xylophone were particularly Christmassy... :)

Y is for Yule Log

Z is for Zzzz (Sleeping) - again, we cheated, sorry. Can you think of any Christmassy words that begin with "Z"? "Christmas Zebra" doesn't count...!

Tutorfair Christmas Snow

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