The Best Educational Apps and Learning Tools


January 09, 2018

Educational apps and interactive learning tools are some of the best ways to engage students and help make procrastination a thing of the past. Offering an alternative look into academic concepts and breaking them down into more manageable sections, educational apps and tools make learning all the more enjoyable.

It’s no secret that we take in information better when we’re actually engaging with it, and that’s exactly what these resources help students to do!

Whilst textbooks will always have their place, educational apps provide valuable learning tools on the go, helping to keep students’ minds active even when they’re out of the classroom. Likewise, these resources present tutors with a number of new ways to approach teaching and measure student success.

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Educational Apps and Tools for All Subjects

Educational Apps and Tools for STEM Subjects

Other Educational Apps and Tools

Here, we go through some of our favourite educational tools and explain what makes each so useful. There’s something for everyone in this list, whichever subject and whatever level.


Prodigy maths tool

Prodigy is a free maths game with a difference. With content catering to students from Key Stage 1 through to Key Stage 3, Prodigy helps children develop essential maths skills through a range of fun games. Including a diagnostic test to ensure students are placed in the right grade, the site caters content to the specific needs of the learner, helping ensure that each student can work at their own speed.

However, what makes Prodigy such a useful learning tool is the real time reporting it offers, allowing teachers and parents to see where students are improving and what might need some extra work. In addition to simply being a more interesting way to approach learning, the site helps to prepare students for standardised testing in an engaging and less intimidating way.
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BioInteractive biology tool

Your go-to for all things Biology related, BioInteractive is crammed full of a selection of resources, from educational apps and animations to short films and virtual labs. With content targeted at high schoolers and undergraduates, BioInteractive applies interactive learning to a higher level. Watch lectures from top innovators and scientists, learn about a new biological concept  in one of their short films or get stuck in at the virtual labs where you’ll need to use data to analyse your findings.

Likewise, if you’re a tutor, you can find a range of classroom resources and teaching guides from other tutors to help give you some inspiration. With contributors including award-winning scientists and lecturers, you’d be hard pushed to find a more engaging and exciting science resource.
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Galactic Genius with Astro Cat

Astro Cat educational app

Flex those mental muscles with the beautifully designed educational app Galactic Genius with Astro Cat. Aimed at 6 - 11 year olds, this app makes learning fun by inviting users to tackle a number of puzzle games requiring logic, speed, memory and concentration.

With 50 levels of increasing difficulty, continue to challenge yourself, all the while having fun as you earn points and climb the ranks of newbie to solar general. Keep your brain active with this vibrant app which makes developing new skills easy and enjoyable.
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Cite It In

Cite It In learning tool

Every student who’s ever had to write an essay is familiar with the nightmare that is citations. After working your way through a 2,000 word essay the last thing you want to be worrying about is getting your bibliography right, especially when your time could be better spent doing some last minute editing.

With different rules according to different sources and style guides, it can be frustrating when you do come to having to sort out your citations. Well, no more. Cite It In is a nifty little tool that makes the dread of this task a thing of the past! Simply input your source details in the website and it will generate the correct citation according to your selected style guide, whether it’s APA, MLA or Chicago. If only essay writing was as simple.
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Brilliant STEM tool

Brilliant is the educational app that turns Maths and Science concepts into bite-sized chunks of learning. Offering a selection of fun yet challenging problems, the app offers learning in everything from Algebra and Chemistry to Computer Science and Quantitative Finance.

With guided problems, quizzes and puzzles, Brilliant encourages you to take a fresh approach to learning valuable and applicable Maths and Science skills in an exciting way. Develop your critical thinking skills and expose yourself to more advanced problem solving with short, engaging sequences of problems. You can also benefit from Brilliant’s network of learners across the globe, with the community contributing curated challenges each week. Available on iOS, Android and online, Brilliant is just what it says it is - brilliant.
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Twinkl learning tool

Lacking inspiration for a lesson plan? In need of some revision work? Look no further. A learning tool for tutors and students alike, Twinkl is an online resource hub full of useful study packs, worksheets, learning games and activities. Housing some of the best original, teacher made materials, the site offers content for both primary and secondary level students.

Simply sign up and start benefitting from the some of the most trusted teaching resources. With specific content for tutors, parents and homeschoolers, there really is something for everyone on Twinkl. The site offers a broad range of resources covering everything from statistics to ideas educational days out. Get learning!
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The Human Body

The Human Body Science app

Get to grips with your insides using The Human Body app. Providing facts, tips and prompts, this educational app helps its users learn more about eight of the body’s systems: nervous, digestive, skeletal, muscular, respiratory, urogenital, circulatory and immune.

A fantastic way to ease children into developing an understanding of biological science, The Human Body invites users to explore an interactive diagram of the body. Learners can select different actions like smelling flowers, being bitten by a mosquito and even being tickled! In this way children are given a look into how the body works and why we respond to different stimulus in different ways. Created for kids aged 4+, this app will thrill those far beyond these years.
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Quizlet learning tool

There’s a good chance that you’ve already heard of this next educational app, and it’s for good reason! Quizlet is one of the most extensive online resources for learning about absolutely anything. With over 200 million study sets available as a mobile app and online, you’re bound to find something to boost your revision efforts at Quizlet.

Completely free to join, you can use Quizlet to study existing revision sets made by other students or create your own fully customised study sets. The mobile and web app also allows you to share revisions sets with friends and fellow students, innovating group revision. Brush up on vocab for a French oral or memorise facts for a History exam - the possibilities are endless with the sheer number of resources available on Quizlet.
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Alison learning tool

With over 1000 entirely free courses on offer, Alison is one of the best online learning tools around. The site offers certificate and diploma level courses in everything from Science and Maths to Marketing and Lifestyle.

Through bespoke and engaging tutorials, Alison equips its users with resources to help them develop in both their studies and career progression. Each course is packed with unique features to ensure students come away with a comprehensive understanding of key subject areas. The especially great thing about Alison is the sheer range of online courses on offer, making it a valuable tool for learners of all ages, from junior right up to university level and beyond.
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Canva art app

One for the creatives and visual learners, Canva is a free and easy to use graphic design tool. With a simple drag and drop feature, pre-made layouts and access to over 1 million photos, graphics and fonts, Canva is the perfect tool for creating stand-out revision posters, school presentations, project pages or simply getting your creativity flowing.

Make your revision notes more memorable and beautify your learning with Canva. Offering a breadth of tools in one simple interface, creating professional designs has never been simpler. And, with Canva now offering an iPhone app, there’s no excuse for not making the most of this fantastic design tool.
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Mathemagics Maths app

Mathemagics is one of the best educational apps on offer. With several versions of the app covering different topics like algebra, geometry and mental maths, our personal favourite is Mathemagics Mental Maths Tricks.

Helping students master their multiplication, division and squaring skills, the app challenges learners to work their way through a selection of mental maths problems. Users are trained to break down problems into smaller parts, allowing them to find solutions faster and more accurately! Activate your brain with this fun tool and see how quickly you can progress through the levels.
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IXL learning tool

IXL is an immersive learning tool for students looking to develop their Maths and English skills. What sets this educational resource apart from others is that it specifically aligns skill lessons with the UK national curriculum, directly helping students to meet their learning objectives.

Offering skill topics for students in reception all the way up to year 13, the website invites its users to take up its ‘learn to earn’ approach, rewarding learners with virtual prizes the more practise they complete. What’s more, the site’s handy analytics tool means that insight into learning progress has never been simpler, making it easy to identify problem topics which could use some improvement.
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Unpaywall research tool
Most people will be familiar with the frustration you’re met with when you finally find a relevant research paper to support your essay argument but are blocked by a paywall. Or even when simply browsing the web for more information on a topic. This is where Unpaywall comes in! A legal and fair solution to this issue, the web extension allows students access to a broad database of documents and research papers by automatically drawing out freely shared papers from thousands of publishers and legal institutional repositories.

It’s as simple as clicking a green tab and skipping the paywall on millions of journal entries and articles. We’re big fans of this learning tool as it’s entirely legal and free, allowing students access to a wider range of resources in a safe and sustainable way.
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ChemCrafter Chemistry app
ChemCrafter brings the chemistry lab to the comfort of your own home with this fantastic educational app. Allowing users to build their own lab and try their hand at different chemical reactions, the app guides students through experiments to help them explore how different elements react with one another.

Measure energy released from reactions and collect points to unlock new experiment combinations, tools and chemicals. Free to download and available on iOS devices, ChemCrafter is one of the best interactive educational apps, engaging students as they learn through trialling a range of creative experiments. Entertaining students as they learn, this app rewards knowledge through a set of trophy room badges. With a drag and drop system, ChemCrafter leads students through different experiments to create a fantastic variety of colourful (and sometimes explosive) chemical reactions!
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Shakespeare app
The aptly named Shakespeare app does exactly what it says on the tin - Shakespeare. A free app containing the full works of the English poet and playwright, this handy learning tool allows its users access to 41 plays, 154 sonnets and six poems. With an integrated glossary of over 21,000 archaic terms and phrases, understanding Shakespeare has never been easier. Simply tap on a word for its definition and continue reading.

The app also allows students to search the writer’s complete works, as well as highlight and make notes on pieces. Notes made on the app can then be shared with friends and classmates, making collaborating on projects and comparing notes easy. With supporting study materials on scansion and relevant poetry terms, this Shakespeare app really is your one stop for everything and anything to do with the English playwright.
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CK-12 STEM learning tool
A fantastic online STEM resource and educational app, CK-12 draws together a huge range of tools including quizzes, assignments, videos and tutorials. Available on mobile and online, the app provides users with customisable content covering a range of topics like Arithmetic, Earth Science, Statistics and Algebra. With all content developed and produced by teachers, you can rest assured that CK-12 is host to some of the highest quality online learning tools.

Offering entirely free and personalised learning for students through study guides, videos and questions, CK-12 also has a PLIX (Play Learn Interact eXplore) feature which uses interactive diagram simulations to help learners visually explore concepts and engage with information instead of simply just reading it. With CK-12’s huge wealth of information only ever a few clicks away, the tool means that students no longer have to lug around textbooks to complete work. Bringing all of these tools together in one place means students always have access to valuable and relevant STEM tools to help them achieve academic success.
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So there you have it, our round-up of some of the best educational apps and learning tools available. Whether you use these resources to diversify your revision or simply keep your mind active on days off, we hope you find a tool to meet your learning needs!