The Benefits of an Online English Tutor

March 09, 2017 by Esme
Image Most parents find the biggest benefit to having an online english tutor to be the sheer convenience of it. Online tuition is the easiest way to find the right tutor, with the best skill set to help your child with their particular needs.

English specifically is a subject that many children have difficulty with. Whether it be poem analysis, essay writing or reading skills theres are many areas that do not come naturally. This is where tuition can come in handy.

As will be explained below, english is the perfect subject for online tuition. There are a variety of fantastic tools designed to help tutors teach complex and often challenging material in a simple and logical manner.

As a parent the decision has to be made whether in person or online tuition, will be the most effective format for your child to learn. We are here to help you make an informed decision.

So, what are the benefits of an online English tutor?

1.Students are generally more receptive to learning online.

Tutoring online may seem less appealing for adults but studies show that children find using technology a far more approachable way to learn. After all, children have grown up in the digital age where they are constantly interacting with the internet, mobile phones and video games.

Therefore, it makes sense to offer your child a method of learning that they feel comfortable with and will find enjoyment from.

2.Easier to keep kids engaged.

It can often be a challenge for tutors to keep their students enthusiastic about the subject. Many tutors find that students are adept at creating distracting situations which ultimately wastes valuable learning time.

With online this is much harder for students to do. So many tutors find that lessons remain more focused with this type of tuition. In the long run this helps students have a more studious approach to learning.

3. Get access to great online tools to aid learning.

If you are worried that your child will be disadvantaged by online tutoring, fear not. There are so many online tools out there for tutors to use with their students. These tools enable students to feel comfortable with the learning process.

Many of our tutors use writing tablets as an accessible tool to allow them to  draw diagrams that the student can see instantly via an online whiteboard.

This online whiteboard is one of our favourite tools as it allows students and tutors to share information and visual images.

Another benefit is that online tutors can guide students immediately to useful online resources which they can then use together when necessary.

4.Gain extra learning resources.

Having the interactive whiteboard means that everything that has been written down is now saved online. This can then be printed off and used as a great learning tool for further revision.

Many parents make up revision material from these notes, or mini quizzes. It’s a great free resource to have at your disposal!

5.Get the right tutor

Many of the top tutors can often have very busy schedules and some days they will be fully booked. By booking an online session, you can sometimes gain access to tutors who would not otherwise be available.

Having access to a range of online tutors means that you can find the right type of tutor, with the correct subject knowledge, even if they don’t live in the same city as you. Some of our best tutors may live miles away, but you will be able to access them with a click of a button.

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