Closing the Attainment Gap: Revolutionary new Tutorfair app

September 13, 2017 by Rachael C

The attainment gap is widening

In its latest report, The Sutton Trust shows the growing trend of private tuition and how this has the potential to widen the UK’s educational attainment gap. The Sutton Trust finds:
Poorer pupils in England get less help with their homework than their better-off classmates, with half (50%) of the most disadvantaged 15-year olds saying their parents regularly helped with their homework, compared to 68% of their better-off classmates”.

Tutorfair On-Demand - closing the attainment gap

Tutorfair Foundation’s new app allows free instant access to volunteer maths tutors.  The new app allows disadvantaged students to connect with a maths tutor at the click of button. This instant messaging platform means more UK students can receive free support. 

tutorfair on demand attainment gap

The pilot kicks off this September with 5 schools. The app will be staffed by volunteers, many of whom are tutors on Using instant messaging, the preferred medium for the age group targeted, the tutors will be able to help students from these schools whenever they need it. 

Pete Kirby, Director of the Tutorfair Foundation says:
“For the first time, disadvantaged students from anywhere in the UK can access free tuition at the exact moment they need it.”

Pete Kirby Tutorfair closing attainment gap

This is key given the Sutton Trust finding that talented young people from less well-off backgrounds don't receive enough support. Students from more affluent backgrounds have access to the help they need to thrive through private tutors. Pete says:
“More and more children are getting tutors. All of us at Tutorfair are proud that we can help those who are currently missing out”.  

Tutorfair’s innovative business model uses technology to help more and more students regardless of ability to pay. The Tutorfair On-Demand app is funded by a grant from the Nesta Click Connect Learn fund. The project is  supported by the Office for Civil Society.

For more information on the app contact Pete Kirby.
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