An Inspector Calls: GCSE English Literature Course

August 04, 2021 by Hannah
Image Struggling to revise for An Inspector Calls? This Summer we are holding an exclusive GCSE English course focusing on the key English Literature text, taking place on 23rd August from 10am -11am. 

About the Tutor

Viola has over 12 years of experience of tutoring and is one of the highest rated tutors on Tutorfair. She typically supports students to succeed in their English GCSEs and helps to increase their confidence. Viola is looking to reach a wider audience of students with her online study group. 

An Inspector Calls Course Description

This course will take place over a 1 week period with a 1 hour lesson every day. These sessions will include analysis of key scenes, characterisation, historical context and themes of the play.  As the group is for between 2-8 students it encourages a collaborative and engaging environment which enables students to discuss alongside their peers. Students will also be able to ask the tutor any further questions and clarifications.

The course will cover:

  • Session one: Context - Social class in pre-/post-war Britain. The opening.

  • Session two: Capitalism versus socialism. Dramatic irony. The dinner party and the Inspector’s arrival.

  • Session three: The purpose of the play - morality and social responsibility. The Inspector.

  • Session four: Eva Smith, her significance and their roles in her life and death.

  • Session five: The message of the play - hope for the future; young versus old. Their reactions after the Inspector’s departure.

How to join!

To register interest for the group, please contact Viola via her profile on Tutorfair or view more details here. 

If you and a friend are interested in forming a group, please email Hannah at to help find a tutor for you!
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