A-Level Chemistry Workshop at UCL

May 30, 2018 by Tas F
Image Monday 26th saw the Tutorfair Foundation's 5th A-Level Chemistry Workshops hosted at UCL. This event offered 103 students from 5 London schools the chance to hone their lab skills while revising some of the A-level's most challenging topics.

With an action-packed agenda, these students had the opportunity to work in the second biggest laboratories in the country.  They had lectures on spectroscopies, explored chemistry in action, gained hands-on laboratory experience and an understanding of how Chemistry is used and applied in the real world!

UCL and Tutorfair have delivered 5 outstanding workshops for the students at Tutorfair schools, which have resulted in many taking up Chemistry at undergraduate level!  Bravo to those embarking on this exciting route.

The Day begins with a spectroscopy lecture by Dr Robert Palgrave, which is immediately followed by small group tutorials supported by volunteers Ksenia G and Nursen O.

Free chemistry tutoring at UCL

After the lecture session, it was time to put theory into practice as the students were escorted to UCL’s Turner Lab and tasked with finding the chemical structure of an unknown compound.

Chemistry Lab at UCL

 “We know that spectroscopy investigations are something very few schools can offer their students, which is why it’s great to work with Tutorfair and provide this opportunity. Not only do we want to give students every chance to score well in their exams, we want to give them a taste of what studying chemistry at university might be like”. Dr Robert Palgrave, chair of the P&R committee at UCL and Chemistry Outreach lead

Each year, our partner schools look forward to our events as it provides a hands-on approach to Chemistry and an opportunity for students to step in the shoes of aspiring chemists.  Muhammad Azam the Programme Manager for Science at Leyton Sixth form said, “Thank you so much for providing our students with the opportunity, they had a very positive experience.  We would definitely like to come to the next event and bring more students”.

While Annabel Fairweather a Chemistry teacher at Highbury Fields School said “Yesterday was a great day, our students really enjoyed it as always.  We would definitely like to come to the next event and bring more students”

We are constantly reaching out to schools that would like to partner with us to provide their students with exceptional opportunities. If you’d like to know more, you can register your school’s interest in the UCL day or any other Tutorfair Foundation programme today!
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