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December 17, 2020 by Tas F
Image Remote Volunteering has increased access to high-quality tutoring and provided an enormous amount of support to those who need it the most. Hazal B, one of our English tutors, talks to us about why she volunteers, the benefits of remote tutoring and the progress that she sees in her tutees.

A little bit about you – your story up to now and where you are after the lockdown.

I first read English Language and Literature at Near East University, then studied for MA Comparative Literature at King's College London.  My research interests revolve around modern European philosophy (i.e. from Kant to Critical Theory) and the intersection of myth and orality in poetry and prose from Cyprus and the Caribbean.

I am a full-time private tutor based in West London and I teach English from primary school to undergraduate level and philosophy to A-level and undergraduate students. Additionally, I assist with school and university entrance interviews, and personal statement and dissertation writing.

Post-lockdown, I hope to keep the online format  going with several of my current students, as this period has demonstrated the equal success of online tuition as compared to in-person.

On a personal level, I also look forward to being able to travel again to see friends and family, in particular my grandmother whom I haven't been able to visit during the pandemic.

How have you found tutoring online?  Does it fit OK with the way you like to tutor?  Do you enjoy it or are you finding it taxing?

It has been quite convenient for me, especially because I enjoy having the luxury of minimum commute. Now I have full authority over my schedule and timetabling. I have been mostly tutoring online since the first lockdown and have had the opportunity to engage with several video applications to ensure effective virtual tuition.

While the online format may present a challenge to tutoring other subjects, it has intertwined seamlessly with the delivery of English and philosophy lessons.

Either way, I take great pleasure in discussing my topics with individuals who crave for knowledge. It matters little which way the lessons are delivered.

How have you found the technology? What issues have you had and have you managed to find solutions?

Overall, my experience with Bramble and Vedamo has been relatively pleasant, except for the occasional audio or video glitch. On all those occasions, the Foundation's support team has been incredibly helpful at resolving these issues.

Would you recommend the programme to other tutors? If so, why? If not, why not?

The Tutorfair Foundation Summer School Programme presented me with the opportunity to work with eight wonderful children from various backgrounds. It was exciting to see their progress and enthusiasm over the course of the lessons.

I am still working with one of my assigned tutees through the Foundation. It has been heart-warming to see his development and how he is flourishing socially and academically.

I would highly recommend the programme to other tutors to make a difference to students regardless of their financial abilities.

Are there any other comments you'd like to add?

I look forward to continuing my work with the Foundation. And to meeting more students in need of quality education!

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