10 Free Physics Resources for Teaching Kids

July 24, 2014 by Catherine Burrows
Image This is a guide for the best online physics resources, many of which I used when learning about physics, and one of which I still use for revision myself as I study at Imperial College London. So, in no particular order . . . .

1. This first website is from the Institute of Physics and is great for learning about lots of aspects of physics. I especially like the teaching astronomy section which features fantastic videos for 11 to 16 year olds and are great at grabbing the imagination of kids. One of the key questions tutors are asked is “how can I get my son/daughter excited about science.” Well I say start here!

2. The Physics classroom covers a lot of key physics material that is certain to come up in exams. I particularly like the introduction to waves by the folks at the Physics Classroom. More advanced students have plenty of scope to learn much more as they become interested, which is perfect for continuing their interest. Good to note that it is also available on iBook and iPad.

3. Providing resources for 9 to 11 year olds and perfect for help with the 11 plus, Topmarks is designed with fun colourful games to engage kids in learning about science and hopefully enable a continued interest in science. I have linked a game that teaches about solids, liquids and gases but you can search the site for other interactive games.

4. This is a fantastic GCSE physics site from myPhysics that goes through each topic covered in GCSE. It’s highly interactive, colourful and easy to use. There should be an A level section coming soon which I am excited about.image
5. GCSE.com  (purely for GCSE surprisingly!) has lots of past papers and also resources to look up material when stuck. Perfect for making sure you have covered everything. They also provide some very simple, explanitory diagrams that hopefully should give a slightly new way at looking at topics. These diagrams may well prove more intuitive for your child.  Well worth a look.

6. I love the schoolphysics website for its fabulous animations that illustrate key physics ideas. There are an extensive number of them and they are all very simple and easy to use. If the animations aren't enough there are also thousands of other pages with beautifully laid out content for 11 to 19 year olds. I would particularly suggest anyone wanting to study physics at university to have a look over any content that hasn't be covered in the A level course.

7. Discovery Education is great for tutors and teachers, as the site has full lesson plans for different topics. Well worth a look through if you find yourself getting stuck on how to approach a topic.

8. Created by Kishore Vyas, a science teacher in West London, My GCSE Science has a video for every GCSE science topic.   All the videos are clear and, most importantly, designed specifically for the GCSE candidate in mind.  It has foundation videos and then more advanced videos, meaning that the explanations are always pitched at the right level.  Fantastic looking website too!


For offline tuition and inspiration why not head to the Science museum in South Kensington!

9. Science teachers provides complete worksheets that are engaging and different. Very useful for teachers or tutors.  I find the most important thing when teaching kids science is presenting the material in many different ways. These worksheets are great for that.

10. My list would not be complete without mentioning the wonderful Khan Academy. It started as a way for Khan to teach his niece through videos he uploaded on YouTube, but before too long they spread across the world.  I’ll let the videos speak for themselves.

If you are looking for extra help, why not try physics private tuition. Find the right tutor for you with Tutorfair.
Happy learning!
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