10 Fantastic Teaching and Education Blogs To Follow

May 28, 2018 by Leanne
Image It can be tough to stay abreast of the latest and greatest teaching techniques, edtech tools and resources to use in the classroom. Yet, with more teaching blogs on offer than ever before it’s even more difficult to know where to begin browsing.


Here, we’ve created a list of some of our top picks for teaching and education blogs, full to the brim with implementable tips and tools that will help you hone your teaching skills. When it comes to education blogging, it’s safe to say that these guys have got the knowledge. So, here’s our roundup of some of the best teaching and education blogs to follow.

The Confident Teacher

Written by English teacher Alex Quigley, The Confident Teacher is an education blog exploring a number of topics around pedagogy and much more. With practical advice examining how to promote confidence in the classroom both mentally and physically, this blog is a truly essential resource for teachers looking to develop the habits, techniques and characteristics that will allow them to reach their full teaching potential.

In addition to the ‘Confident’ section of the blog which examines a confident mind, body and leadership skills, The Confident Teacher has a dedicated section for vocabulary, as well as a number of blogs looking into concepts like memorisation techniques for learning, metacognition, how to implement feedback and questioning in the classroom as well as countless other topics. Though Quigley is an English teacher, this blog is a valuable resource for teachers of any subject, featuring actionable and relevant advice to hone teaching skills.


A blog focused on providing ideas and inspiration around teaching mathematics at secondary school level, Resourceaholic is host to a huge variety of maths resources covering the curriculum and beyond.

Providing regular blog posts illuminating everything from algebra and shape to statistics and mechanics,  Resourceaholic is a truly helpful and useful resource hub for educators, tutors and even parents hoping to help their child understand maths a bit better. Resourceaholic breaks down topics to make them more manageable, offering a new perspective on important core maths topics.

Mrs P Teach

Discussing a broad selection of teaching methods and techniques, Mrs P Teach provides first-hand accounts of different ways to approach educating. Delving into innovative ways to handle marking and feedback as well as things like growth mindset, this blog is dedicated to introducing educators to new learning concepts and structures.

Featuring tried and tested techniques, Mrs P Teach looks into a range of tools to help tackle teaching, lesson planning and helping students realise their potential through new education methods. All in all, Mrs P Teach is a fantastic resource for educators looking to broaden their approach to teaching, providing some important discussion points on new techniques.

The Innovative Educator

The Innovative Educator is a fantastic educational blog covering a range of developments in edtech and how these can be applied to better prepare students. Authored by Lisa Nielson, the blog introduces readers to new, actionable teaching concepts, sharing ways to build on and improve methods of teaching.

Covering everything from measuring the impact of tech in schools to how to deal with a snow day, The Innovative Educator delves into a wide selection of topics to help provide applicable teaching techniques as well as keeping teachers informed on the latest happenings in the world of edtech.

Royal Blind Learning Hub

A resource centre of articles, tools and advice for those teaching children with visual impairments, the Royal Blind Learning Hub provides valuable educational tools to better equip teachers and tutors.

Covering a range of important topics, resources on the blog include seminars, lesson plans, experience pieces and even an on-body sign of the week video which guides viewers through how to communicate important phrases using the on-body signing technique. The Royal Blind Learning Hub blog is an important tool in helping educators of the visually impaired get to grips with different teaching techniques and lesson structures.

Free Technology for Teachers

Sharing a host of educational apps, tools, and guides, Free Technology for Teachers is a valuable resource for tutors looking to discover new learning tools. With regular posts introducing readers to new resources and ways to update their teaching techniques, Free Technology for Teachers does exactly what it says it does - collects some of the best tech to help educators diversify their teaching.

Uncovering the opportunities that technology presents for both students and teachers, the blog looks at broader topics like tools to make quizzes, whilst equally highlighting things like the best resources to learn about Mt Everest, or alternatives to sites like YouTube that prevent users getting distracted when researching. Have a read and discover a new resource to build into your teaching today.

The EdTech Roundup

As the name suggests, this educational blog collects the latest news and emerging technologies from the edtech world, rounding up and reviewing these tools and their value for teachers.

In addition to offering regular, in-depth reviews on new tools, The EdTech Roundup also hosts a number of other valuable resources for educators, with links to useful tools for lesson planning as well as other helpful edtech blogs. The blog offers insight into a range of educational apps and learning tools, whilst also providing suggestions on integration and how to get the most out of tech in teaching.

Thomas C. Murray

If you’ve ever heard of #edtechchat, you might well know Thomas C. Murray. A cofounder of the weekly educational forum on Twitter and strong believer in student-centred and personalised learning techniques, Thomas C. Murray’s blog is packed full of tech tools and tips to boost engagement in the classroom.

However, this education blog covers much more beyond this, also looking into topics like building a strong school community and learning culture. With years of experience to speak from, Murray’s blog provides valuable first-hand insight into edtech news, how to integrate digital tools into learning structures and more techniques to promote student success.

Ask a Tech Teacher

Host to a collection of resources created and curated by technology teachers, Ask a Tech Teacher is an education blog helping teachers draw together technology and traditional teaching. Offering free lesson plans, resources on everything from 3D printing to critical thinking, as well as round ups of useful sites, apps and further blogs, Ask a Tech Teacher is an extensive and varied resource for those exploring new ways to incorporate tech in education.

With all materials and advice being entirely free, this education blog truly is your one stop for discussions around teaching techniques, tech and how to harness it to promote learning. Including over 100 free lesson plans, regular lists of valuable apps and resources and much more, you’re sure to discover something new on this blog.

Steve Hargadon

Founder of the Learning Revolution Project, Steve Hargadon hosts a range of online learning events for educators to help teachers connect and share ideas for innovation in education.

With a huge selection of topics covered, these events offer tutors an opportunity to explore entirely new concepts from the convenience of your laptop. Whilst some of these are in-person events, a majority are hosted online and are entirely free to access. In need of some inspiration? You have nothing to lose by tuning into one of Steve Hargadon’s educational “unconferences”.
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