10 Awesome Language Apps and Resources

November 23, 2018 by Leanne
Image Learning a language is a valuable skill to have, whether it be to help you in the future with travelling or work, or simply to connect with people from other cultures. Yet, with such a huge selection of resources and tool on offer, it can be difficult to know where to begin when you’re getting started with your learning.

To help you on your way to developing your language skills, here we’ve gathered some of the best language learning apps and tools. Whether you're learning Japanese or Spanish, there's something for every language learner in this line up.



Phrasepack app

Phrasepack makes picking up the key phrases of a language simple, helping to equip users with the knowledge to order food in restaurants, ask for directions or explain themselves in emergency situations. Available in a huge selection of language options from Japanese to French to Hindi, the app also includes a sentence builder to help users construct different sentences without a need to look up further words.

Whether you’re planning on brushing up on a language ahead of a holiday or are simply wanting to get started with a new skill, Phrasepack provides the essential tools to get learners up to speed on key phrases.



Zizzle app

Zizzle combines beautiful visuals with scientific research to offer an app that will sharply improve your Chinese reading and writing skills. Based on proven memorisation techniques like visualisation and association, this educational app is designed to teach users over 1000 essential Chinese words and 1000 phrases. Through visualising stories for over 850 characters, Zizzle makes learning more engaging and enjoyable. Also including more than 1000 audio files for characters, words and phrases, the app helps users establish a solid foundation for their learning.

With tailored vocab lists for different learning levels and test types (HSK, TOCFL, YCT), Zizzle has all the tools necessary for you to attain your language goals, whether that be for travelling or studying in China or simply developing your language skills.



Education City site

A fantastic educational platform helping to enable and enhance children’s learning, EducationCity uses engaging games to develop students’ core skills. Making work fun, the platform hosts a selection of valuable resources that allows users to learn as they play.

Available across devices and at both school and home, the tool provides personalised learning that works around varied student needs. Though the platform offers resources across a range of subjects, EducationCity covers a number of Spanish and French topics - the perfect thing for introducing students to new languages.


Easy Language Exchange

Easy Language Exchange site

A platform designed to connect language learners across the world with one another, Easy Language Exchange was created by individuals studying languages to link with other learners. Now with over 100,000 users, the site provides a simple way to find a language friend who you can develop your skills with.

With interaction encouraged to help speed along the learning process, Easy Language Exchange instantly puts you in touch with the best possible partners through matching profiles. However, in addition to the exchange element, the site also features a section on which people are able to address everyday questions as well as take part in free lessons and tests. Joining like minded people across the globe, ELE is a valuable free tool in helping learners reach language fluency. With thousands of individuals studying a range of languages on the site, this is an essential tool to complement your current approach to language learning.


Chineasy Cards

Chineasy Cards app

Providing bite-sized on the go learning, Chineasy Cards is the perfect way to introduce yourself to Chinese, with the app helping users master over 1000 phrases. Learn to read Chinese through tried and tested visual techniques, gain cultural insight into how the language has evolved and quiz yourself on your knowledge to earn dumplings and keep your friend Bao fed and happy.

This educational app is designed to help users visualise the meaning of words and build up associative learning to make Chinese characters more familiar and memorable. Divided into levels and featuring engaging illustrations to solidify learnings, Chineasy Cards is a fantastic way to build up vocabulary from a handful of simple characters to thousands of more advanced terms.



Learn Match app

Helping to make learning vocabulary more accessible and enjoyable, LearnMatch is a free tool designed to help you nail the fundamentals of a language. Available in Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese, the app also comes with over 30 mother languages to allow students to use their preferred first language.

Offering 12 different exercise methods, LearnMatch provides a selection of learning options to help you find the one that works best for you. Gamifying learning, the app allows you to challenge friends and play real time vocab matches, helping to make studying feel like less of a chore while ensuring you absorb key information. Whether you’re looking to brush up on existing knowledge or start from scratch, this educational app suits a range of needs.



Istation Language Tool

There’s a reason this tool is used by over four million students across the world! Istation (short for Imagination Station) is an extensive online learning program providing students with everything they need to get to grips with Spanish. Through its game like aesthetic, formative assessments and an adaptive curriculum, this language tool offers valuable interactive resources to help users improve their Spanish knowledge. What’s more, progress reporting and personalised data profile makes tracking student growth simple.

Formative assessments created by educators allow for straightforward student development through computer testing tailored to a learner’s level. Featuring hundreds of lesson plans, reading assessments and automated tools, Istation equips users with the means to develop their Spanish language skills in an engaging way.

Manager of Spanish Curriculum Team at Istation, Liliana Suero:

"Our program is both culturally relevant and authentic, meaning we do not translate from English. Our goal is to empower bilingual educators with lessons that are simple, practical, and easy to implement in any classroom setting. Plus, we make it fun and engaging for the students."



Forvo app

Forvo is a language learning essential, providing users with a system to learn the most relevant words and phrases of a language. Boasting almost 5 million words pronounced across more than 370 languages, the platform is the largest online reference for language pronunciations. A valuable resource offering insight into the intricacies of a range of languages, Forvo provides comprehensive information around how to correctly pronounce words, their meaning and how to properly use them in phrases.

When you begin learning a language online, there is generally very little opportunity to experience foreign languages first hand through native speakers. Yet, an essential part of mastering a new language for day to day use is hearing how natives pronounce words. Forvo provides a solution to this, offering users a means of hearing languages spoken directly from native speakers.



Lingodeer App

An app designed to help users master Asian languages including Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese, LingoDeer is a beautifully designed app offering a range of learning activities to help students familiarise themselves with a new language.  Packed full of fantastic features, this app truly is your one stop for learning a language, even having a built in feature to allow users to practise their writing of Kanji and Chinese characters.

Also including word recordings, simple grammar explanation notes, reading exercises and over 10 different question types, LingoDeer provides learners with a varied and engaging curriculum to help them achieve their language learning goals. Guiding users through realistic and relevant topics, activities are created to build upon past learning and reinforce concepts for maximum impact, while every word and phrase has its own real human pronunciation clip. What’s more, offline learning and silent study mode means you can keep up your learning even when out and about.



Memrise app

Memrise makes learning a new language fun. Based on the theory that the more you enjoy learning the more you take in, the app teaches users useful content through a variety of simple yet effective interactive games. With varying levels of difficulty, learners can choose to start off with the basics or push ahead onto more advanced sessions.

Activities are designed to constantly challenge users and reinforce earlier learning to help work towards memorising key information. This takes shape in a number of unique features, for example presenting users with sentences made up of similar sounding words from your native language to help you establish a mental connection when remembering them. Similarly, images are also shown at different points in your learning to give you something to associate that term with. Combining scientifically proven methods with fun, Memrise offers the perfect balance of gamification and essential core concepts to help users expand their language skills.




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