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1 Beginner Italian Tutors in Dunstable

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Margherita is an Italian tutor in Dunstable

Margherita S


£28.00 per hour

I am Margherita, an Italian teacher for foreign students. After graduating from University in Rome and then finishing…

100+ Tutorfair hoursDBSDegree
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favour offers Italian lessons in Dunstable

favour F


£23.00 per hour

Hi, my name is Favour Felix Ilemhenbhio, I was born in Nigeria, and since the age of 7, I was raised in Italy. Since…

Russell GroupDegree
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Natasha is an Italian tutor in Dunstable

Natasha T


£40.00 per hour

I tutor in English Language and Literature, Classics, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Latin. I have over 7 years…

DBSRussell GroupDegree
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Fabrizio is an Italian tutor in Dunstable

Fabrizio S


£100.00 per hour

Hi, I have over 10 years experience in training a wide range of audiences and a contagious passion for blended…

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Anna is an Italian tutor in Dunstable

Anna F


£13.00 per hour

Great communication skills I can convey the contents in a clear way adopting a tailored approach at the students'…

5+ Tutorfair hoursDegree
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Elisa is an Italian tutor in Dunstable

Elisa M


£30.00 per hour

Ciao! My name is Elisa and I am Italian. I have been in the Uk for two years. I have BSc and MSc in Psychology of the…

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Caterina is an Italian tutor in Dunstable

Caterina R


£25.00 per hour

Ciao a tutti! *About me* I was born in Italy in a wonderful Region called Puglia (Apulia) in the Southern Italy 33…

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laura is an Italian tutor in Dunstable

laura B


£32.00 per hour

Hi to Everyone / Ciao a tutti I m Loura , Italian and i come from Pisa..i have lived in London for 5 years teaching…

Prizes or ScholarshipsDegree
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Graziana offers Italian lessons in Dunstable

Graziana I


£35.00 per hour

Hello My mane is Graziana and I have a long experience teaching English, Italian and Spanish to International students!…

Russell GroupDegree
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