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Andrew L

A highly enthusiastic, motivated and great communicator.
Throughout my life I have always appreciated the impact that teachers have had upon me, particularly during my school years. I realise that the knowledge and skills that…
Biology (AS)
within 8 minutes
£38.12 / hour

Eleanor E

Studying Veterinary Medicine at the Royal Veterinary College
I have achieved 9 A*s and 2 As at GCSE, as well as A*AAA at A Level in History, Chemistry, Biology and Maths. At present, I am studying a degree in Veterinary Medicine. …
Biology (AS)
within 1 hour
£31.77 / hour

Ritchard O

Encouraging, experienced, enthusiastic tutor
With proper guidance, there are no good or bad students. My tutees receive genuine encouragement, and guidance which allows them to build the confidence to succeed. About…
Biology (AS)
within 3 minutes
£51.00 / hour

Seyitan A

Science and Maths Enthusiast
Hi, you can call me Shay. I am a graduate Chemical Engineer currently studying for a Masters at Imperial College. I am really passionate about Science and Maths and I…
Biology (AS)
within 8 hours
£20.00 / hour

Alan R

Experienced, enthusiastic science tutor (incl. GCSE/A-level)
ABOUT ME First and foremost, I love science and teaching and it comes across in my lessons. I am currently a PhD student in Child and Developmental Psychology and have…
Biology (AS)
within 29 minutes
£40.00 / hour

Lana M

Science, medical science, psychology and statistics tutor
I am an experienced tutor for psychology and biology. I taught A-levels, GCSE, access to nursing, access to pharmacy as well as undergrad and grad students. Subjects: -…
Biology (AS)
within 12 minutes
£55.00 / hour

Zarah A

If you need help in my subject areas, I am here to help
I have a passion for teaching and coaching, and generally enjoy helping others to excel. My background in nursing, medical sciences, research and project management has…
Biology (AS)
£45.00 / hour

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